Sunday, November 4, 2012

LA Weekend

When C told me he was going to be in LA for my first weekend here I was a little annoyed at first - it so soon after we'd just said goodbye and I, in true first-world-problem style, wanted to evenly space out the intervals of when we'd get to see each other.

Anyway, I take that thought back now.

I'm going to put it down to having gained an extra working day when I got here, but the week just gone felt like one of the longest I'd ever had.  By the time Friday rolled around it was only the prospect of tacos for dinner with C that got me through the day - such a happy reunion in his hotel lobby!  Saturday was sadly the only full day we had to ourselves, but from the pictures below you can see it was the Best.  Day.  Ever.  After I conceded that pursuing a cupcake ATM wasn't really a gameplan, we decided to take a long drive around the coast which saw us from snowcones at Venice Beach through to watching the sunset at Santa Monica before sampling one of "LA's best burgers".

It was around this moment that 'Hotel California' *actually* came on the radio.  See what I mean about best day ever?
Venice beach is exactly how you expect it to be from the movies - skateboarders and short shorts, painted rastafarians singing at you, 'doctors' who wear baseball caps.  I loved it!
The sunset from Santa Monica Pier was something straight out of a postcard.
The famous burger at Comme Ca in West Hollywood - once again Yelp came through for us.
On the recommendation of our waitress, we walked a couple of blocks to Roger Room for mint juleps, before the nicest door man ever helped us hail down taxis back to the hotel.  
Goodbyes were hard at the airport today, but hey at least we got an extra hour in with the time change.  We're on a hangout now, planning our next burger  :)

Hope you had a great weekend!


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