Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New 'residency'

At a friend's wedding, the almost full moon on my last Sydney weekend.
US Customs officer: "You crossed out 'Country of Residency'."
Me: "Well, I didn't understand whether you wanted to know where I've come from or where I'm going."

I don't even know what the answer was, he filled it in for me and then said "good luck with the job" before sending me on my way.  One chicken sandwich and hilarious cab ride later, I've done the groceries, worked out where my shuttle stop is and even cooked my first meal here - assuming you are with me and you consider cous cous and vegetables fried up in a pile a 'meal'.  Been going through photos from my last week before I get stuck into it tomorrow - I can't thank my family and friends enough all the wonderful well wishes and multiple send offs (I'm seeing C this weekend in LA, that farewell hasn't hit me yet so lets save that goodbye for later).

I am very blessed.  Good to know I can always come back if I mess it up over here too  :)

Goodnight, new country of residency.


Unknown said...

You won't mess up, but we still want you back (eventually!).
Go get 'em! xx

Lorna Diwa said...

Aw thank you lovely! x

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