Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tahoe, I love you

Was too knackered to post yesterday, but the weekend just gone was an introduction to the very beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Some very kind (new!) friends invited me along to share this palace of a cabin, it was just like the kind of place I expect the Tanners from Full House to holiday in - huge a-frame ceilings, decorative bear paraphernalia everywhere (think five foot stuffed teddy bears for the bed, painted on the lamps, bear silhouettes carved into coasters) and three floors deep to accommodate everything from the pool table and the outdoor hot tub.  Great conversations had, by the fire and while playing the greatest card game ever.

And then, there was snow.
So many pinecones.  Sadly they were all wet, otherwise a bag would've come home with me.
Snow!  Didn't throw it, just held it.  I love snow.
Our mansion of a cabin - note the remnants of snow.  Snow!
The beautiful drive home, incredible how so many landscapes and climates are only hours away from each other.
Snow!  The prospect of winter just got a whole lot better.


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