Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving thanks

Well folks, this weekend has been a big one - I enjoyed my first ever Thanksgiving, caught up with new and old friends and somewhere in between even managed to sign a lease!  So, so much to be thankful for, one of the greatest things being that I no longer have to troll Craigslist every half hour.  I will spare you the unnecessary number of photos I have of my new place (for now) in favour of sharing this sunny little harvest I had in a friend's backyard on Thursday.  With the sun out full force and persimmons weighing heavily on their tree, I got to see an impromptu first picking of the season. The fruits were still a little firm, but perfectly sweet:
Heavy bunches of persimmon ready for picking.
Tug and catch!  This was the closest I got to an action shot, but I missed the burst of leaves that came with each successful pull.
I love the star in the middle. 
The fruits of our labour.  Well,  not my labour - but I did sit, snack and supervise.
Sitting barefoot with a coffee on their steps, it was the perfect way to start a day of thanks.


Unknown said...

You signed a lease?! Eeep! More details please! x

Lorna Diwa said...

Ahh yes! Just posted an outside photo, but trust me, details will come ad nauseam - thanks for your excitement! x

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