Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Morning banquet

Sometimes when I'm trolling the Internet and getting ready for bed, I think about... breakfast.  I've referenced my love for the most important meal of the day before, and on this particular night I'm specifically reminiscing about Kazbah's breakfast banquet.

At $25 per person for what can only be described as a gluttonous feast, I have argued many a time that this is the best value breakfast in Sydney (minimum 6 people) -
Start with a trio of sweet couscous, porridge and warm rice pudding.
Switch to savoury with a lamb breakfast tagine on toasted turkish.
Then comes what can only be described as a plate of all your favourite breakfast foods - from black sausage through to grilled haloumi.  Oh yes and eggs served up in every way you like them.
If you have any room left, finish off with a duo of 'pancakes' i.e. more like actual cakes piled with cream and ice cream.
Decide between sweet or savoury no more!  Leave your mental debate re poached vs fried eggs at home - have both. Oh and you get crayons for the table - what more could you want?

Until morning!


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