Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chardonnay class?

C can be funny sometimes - not really sure how he mistook 'cooking class' for a wine tasting class but there you go.

Sans apron but with glass in hand we found ourselves at Wood Street Wines' Chardonnay Master Class at the Quarter 21 Cookery School last night.  So I may not know any more about how to make my own pasta, but I can tell you a thing or two about a good chardonnay!  And with the matching canapes (finishing off with an incredible steak and the most delicious fried potatoes I've ever had) I didn't go hungry either.
The class was tucked behind the store at Quarter 21, fittingly surrounded by rows of wine and cheese.
Some reading accompanied each wine, while the sommelier talked us through each drink.
The matching canapes courtesy of the Quarter 21 kitchen were equally delicious.
What's wine without a cheese plate?
A class without desks - the setting was casual and intimate, just as it should be if good wine up for consumption.
The class was great way to wine and dine the evening away, and with it being just on the top level of Westfield on Pitt it makes for a perfect post-work activity.  You'll learn something too!


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