Monday, May 28, 2012

Miss Representation

I saw Miss Representation a couple of weeks back and have been meaning to write about it.  We had it screened here at work because it was seen as such a vital film exploring the misrepresentations of women, and how this has led to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence.  The topic isn't new to anyone but I definitely walked away with a few questions about my own behavior and how I've indadvertedly played a part to support this misrepresentation (addiction to The Hills, anyone?  Brb watching Kim Kardashian's wedding).

There was a comment in particular that struck me, it was Gloria Steinem speaking just as the credits were about to roll -

“If you and I, every time we pass a mirror, downgrade how we look and complain about how we look, if we remember that a girl is watching us and that’s what she’s learning..."

This weekend just past I caught myself looking in the mirror and telling myself that I had better up the strength training as my bingo arms were unacceptable, and I deleted a bulk of photos where I felt like I had the shadow of a double chin.  It's a disquieting thing when you think you're on one side of an argument but then you realise you are actually rallying loudly on the other.

Here's to remembering that there is always another girl, learning from us.


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