Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday links

Brunch at the very excellent Wilbur's Place, by the Bourke St Bakery clan.
It's been a week of simpler pleasures as my obsession with toast continues, to the point where I have considered holding a party similar to this one where there is only the option of good toppings and maybe a medley of cheeses.

Discovered Bocelli's lullaby to Elmo, which happens to have some of the greatest slow-motions scenes ever; this sent me trolling on a number of clips including one on friendship an possibly the best adaptation of the alphabet I have ever seen.

Good thoughts on changing your language as a means of checking whether or not the way you allocate your time aligns with your priorities (clearly, toast and children's songs has been a priority for me this week and that is just fine by me).


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