Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesome things # 2

I've previously blogged about coming up with things to add to this already wonderful list of 1000 Awesome Things (on visiting it now I can see that you can actually submit your own so I have no excuses) and came up with another one today - remembering you have knowledge inside of you, that you haven't accessed for ages (ok, the title needs work).

I got this uniquely great feeling when I saw Google's Doodle today:
Without having to do the ol' hover-over-the-picture-and-lets-pretend-I-knew-it-was-bastille-day, I immediately knew this was for Mies Van Der Rohe, and specifically was a doodle of his Crown Hall.  I always get a kick remembering I have all this nerdy design knowledge inside of me from my uni days.  Hilariously this particular work is familiar to me because we had to do a subject in architectural drawing and, as I hated the subject, I tried to find a building that would be super easy to draw - which is where Mies came in (hello lots of right angles and no weird curves).

Having it pop up on my search engine this morning was like a dorky in-joke between me and the internet.

And it felt awesome.


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