Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sugar hit

My mama is one of those people who'll often buy into the latest crazy scheme about how to diet / suppress your appetite.  Of course they never last, but one that I remember from my childhood was the idea of fulfilling one of your senses over another, to suppress a craving (e.g. try smelling whatever it is you want to eat instead of actually eating it).  This resulted in us keeping empty Guylian boxes (remember when they were the most exotic chocolates ever?) to sniff whenever we had a chocolate yearning - needless to say it didn't last a week.

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's the late afternoon talking (or these hideously grey skies) but I am craving a sugar hit something chronic.  In the spirit of my mother's hilarious methods I'm going to blog about it and feast my eyes rather than my stomach this afternoon.  

Here are 3 sweet treats that I could hoover in an instant right now:
1. The king of macarons Adriano Zumbo - salted butter caramel anyone?  Spiced pumpkin?   Just say yes.
2. What's better than an ice-cream cake?  An ice-cream cake in the shape of a mini hamburger, courtesy of the Messina Lab (pre-pigging out photo here)
3. In lieu of the above I get periodic cravings for my favourite candy of the moment, in this case it's sour peach hearts - these particular ones are from the famous Leura Candy store.
Ok, off to smell a Guylian box.  Wish me self-control!


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