Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's the most wonderful time

- of the year!

Noone does suburban Christmas lights like 'Murica!  This year I upped the anti with a buddy who offered to drive us around Chestnut street in South San Francisco, which has a famous lit up strip:
So pretty!  The detail is amazing - even all the windows have little lit up scenes set up for when you peer in.
Deer!  Snowmen!  Inflatable Santa with a husky sled!  You can't see but the deer on the right was nodding.
We made a special stop to snap this one of me and my buddy HK.  I love how she dressed for the occasion, she has a wardrobe for every holiday.
Again.  Rituals make a home.  SF, you're killing me here.
True to the ritual, I'm off to the Philippines tomorrow.  To all a good night!


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