Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nesting, Part 7

I think it has officially been the longest time ever between posts.  You may speculate on what's been keeping me busy, but in reality this is just how long it took me to replace my mac which died last month *tear*.  I was thinking about whether these 'nesting' posts should stop as I've effectively been here a year now, so am I now 'nested'?

Then I decided no, because it's a perpetual act for so long as having a home is important.  I will never stop anymore than I will ever stop going to Paper Source.  And with that, some snaps:
The 49ers vs the Seahawks - so, so much fun and what a win!  I'm not really a big sports person, but just like my first ball game this was a ton of fun and I wish I'd gone to one sooner.  Bonus: we even tailgated and made chili dogs in the carpark beforehand - best Sunday ever!
A most beautiful lettuce (?) at Contraband Coffee Bar.  Mental note of keeping lettuces instead of flowers around the house more.  Bonus is that I'll be able to say things to it like "lettuce turn on the heater", or "lettuce get some dinner" around my house and it will be puntastically relevant.
New obsession: Roasted brussel sprouts.  Dust with paprika to give them a little kick - tip via a buddy.
New holiday: new peeps (see last nesting).  You could keep your calendar by these marshmallows.
Feels so good to be coming into Christmas - hoping y'all are enjoying the lead up to the holidays too!


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