Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ok, 2014

It's a Christmas tree graveyard again, but with that comes a fresh new year.  
Seen in my hood, at my beloved golden glow hour.
This is a bit weird but I pretty much always miss my goals for the year that I'm in, but hit my goals for the year before.  I am only talking about S.M.A.R.T. goals of course, not general maturity and growing life richly and all that stuff.  I will explain it, so that in the explanation you will have some picture of how my mind throws brain cells at every day thought processes unnecessarily.

I told myself last year that I'd run a marathon.  I completely chickened out, but I ran three half marathons out of guilt (I realise that two halves make a full, but I ran the third one to account for interest over time - ha!)  In 2012, my goal was to run two half marathons.  Ergo, I will probably run a marathon this year, if I don't think about it and don't actually put it on my list of goals.  The key is that I can't actually *tell* myself I'm going to do these things, otherwise my mind revolts, but setting annual resolutions is a way of getting my brain to imagine loftier things for itself.  It just takes two years to fulfill - I'm a little slow, you see.

Anyway, the S.M.A.R.T. thing I want this year but may actually fulfill in 2015 is to write and illustrate a children's book.  Not publish it necessarily, but just write one and see where it goes.  Keeping it as the solo goal because it requires lots of steps and I'm also getting married this year.  Yes, I just realised how badly those goals sound in tandem.  No, it's too late for me to rewrite this, it's already late.  In reality I just want to tell a story about a bear, using watercolours.

Ok, enough brain cells have fallen for the cause of writing this post.  Here's to another good one!

P.s. An interesting little study in the importance of imagining your future self.


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