Monday, January 27, 2014

Nesting, Part 8

The first of nesting in 2014.  Some of the same, a new plant and more holiday candy.
Succulents were 50% off at my local paint store.  Needless to say I came home with a new friend over the weekend.
Ritual trip to Walgreens to check out the latest holiday candy.  Surprisingly could not find any Valentine-specific Peeps - yet Christmas and Halloween made the cut.
How many times can I say that I will never get tired of my view every morning as I scuttle down to the shuttle.  Just magnificent.  This was Saturday morning, before Karl the Fog crept in on Sunday evening.
The other side of living the expat dream: you stay up at night to write cards like these for sending.  On the upside, this letter-pressed beauty was pretty adorabubble - inside it says "it's me".
I have a thousand and one things to say about some new adventures I've been having - pirate bar!  SoulCycle!  Light graffiti! - but they will be featured in posts to come.


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