Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh hello

I'm not sure if I've written about this before - but early on in my moving here, I had a conversation with a (also new expat) friend about how being new to a city allows you this unique opportunity to consciously fill your weekends, in a way that you might not have experienced in a long time (or ever!).  When you've lived in a city for as long as I'd been in Sydney, your days get quickly filled up with errands and various people to see, while your list of aspirational projects or trips gets longer.

Over the months here my weekends have definitely filled up again, but I'm glad to say I've gotten more of my 'really want to but not urgent' activities done - one being that I've finally willed a Pinterest discovery to exist outside of the internet.
Template at the full instructional post here, these fair hands which have mastered the diagonal pulling and wrapping of fabric are those of my crafting buddy.
This is around the point when I began to feel victorious and that it was perhaps going to look like the picture after all.
Close up of the finished product, now hanging proudly on my wall, above my terrarium collection.  Why yes, please do feature me in your article 'Girls who pretend they hate hipsters but really are partly one'.
Yeah, that's right - give me the chance to consciously fill my spare time and I will give you hours at a craft store getting distracted with Hello Kitty stickers, and a decorative speech bubble.  And it feels great.

Next on the list: making my own sourdough.


Kate said...

ARG this is amazing! And such awesome running-writing, too! Very envious/excited by this one! xxxx

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