Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nesting, Part 4

More from around the home and hood lately:
Happiness = walking home in the sun with a full bag of groceries from Whole Foods, including flowers for the week.  Note the return of the flip flops (can't say thongs over here), overthrowing my worn out TOMS.
Seen on a church's window on Polk St, the weekend after the DOMA ruling.
Further to this, took myself out for a solo brunch date at Jane on Fillmore, now my new favourite local spot when I want some house made carbs.  Just have to be prepared to see the entire population of Google there.
Walking back from downtown I stepped into this store to buy a spray bottle to water my terrarium (as you do), going deeper into this store I discovered that this guy sold everything from Persian lapis necklaces to handsaws.  Friendliest storekeeper ever, his cash register is "way older than you lady".
More and more I feel like this.


Kate said...

Such a happy, happy post! I heart Cali, too xxx

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