Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The fog rolling over the bay at Seacliff.
Someone at work today referenced the Steve Jobs quote about the "dots only joining up when you look back"; I pulled up le blog as I wanted to share how my very first post actually included this very quote, when I realised that yesterday was two years to the day of me starting this little patch on the internet!

Whenever I freak out about life, I remember something one of my managers told me once, which is: ask yourself if you could have predicted where you are today, from where you were a year ago.  Between when this all started and my first year I've gone from San Francisco to Sydney and back again, and that's certainly not something I could have forseen.  I suspect the sweaty gym gear will remain a constant, but I can't wait to see where I'll be sitting a year from now.


Kate said...

Such a lovely quote xxx

Unknown said...

Happy Terrible Twos! x

Lorna Diwa said...

I knew you would also be in this club xx

Lorna Diwa said...

Thank you lovely! x

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