Monday, February 18, 2013

No woods, but a bridge

Another long weekend ('Merica, you're killing me over here!) there was everything from MOMA to bagels and the longest bus ride ever.  It was the kind of weekend that was so good I didn't think to take enough photos, but I did manage to take some snaps of a cycle my brother and I did from San Francisco to Old Mill Park.

Our intention was to get to Muir Woods but my fear of fast cycling and all traffic in general meant we couldn't get there and back in time to catch the last ferry from Sausalito - hehe sorry Alex!  However, we did get to cycle over the beautiful iconic bridge (yes!), the park had some pretty impressive baby redwoods and on the way back I was ballsy enough to cycle down Market St in the dark, so I'm chalking this up as a win.
On the golden bike path.
After we made it over.  I was nervously contemplating the next leg onto Sausalito (downhill scares me more than up).
Amazing how the landscape changed over the course of the cycle.
Baby redwoods - and not-so-baby brother!  It was at this point when we realised we weren't going to make it to the woods  :(
It should be noted that I was so terrified at the beginning of the ride I actually insisted we walk our bikes the whole way from Union Square down to the Embarcadero, so this is a good reminder that if you really want to do something that you're terrible at, you'll get better at and less scared of it over time.

A happy, short week to those in the US!


Kate said...

I am SO IMPRESSED! You're killing me, Lorna. That's super impressive. xx

Lorna Diwa said...

Naww thanks lovely - you can do it too! Thighs were killing me and I walked funny for the next 24 hours though haha.

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