Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dog city (literally)

Since moving here, I haven't stopped referencing this article when people ask me how I'm finding it - it totally nails San Francisco living and they had me at 'It gets cold at 4pm' (which is why I'm addicted to wearing my puffer vest).  Another point that is totally spot on is that this city is 'extremely pro-dog' - furry faces wherever you turn, they even have dog yoga at work!  Ok, so that's not technically the city and I also work for a ridiculous company, but you get the idea.  My pets growing up ranged from hermit crabs, goldfish and a whole series of yabbies, so it's safe to say I'm not really a dog person, but I've seen so many adorable furry faces around the place that I at least wanted to capture a couple of favourites I've seen around town.
This little guy was sitting around in the Burberry store at Union Square, just chilling with his owner who happened to have the coolest shoes.
Ok so I don't even know what kind of dog this is because I asked her more about her shoes than him, but just look at him!
I found this fluffy friend calmly catching the Muni into town.  Pretty sure he is more seasoned at it than I am and never stands at the wrong stop or loses his Clipper card.
His owner was the nicest man, this was actually his old dog - someone he met at the park happened to film him and put it on YouTube!  Glad I'm not the only creepster sticking cameras in his dogs' face.
So cute right!  I'm still not quite prepared to get my own, but after I met that little guy on the bus I did change my screensaver to this adorable pug.  Dog, screensaver, same same really.

Woof!  Happy Wednesday!


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