Monday, September 24, 2012

The non-critical

A hotdog from who knows where, likely somewhere open 24 hours.
Preparing for my move, there are so many mandatory things on my to do list at the moment.  As alluring as chasing up my VISA application is, I thought I might compile a list of completely superficial, non-critical things I can look forward to once I'm there instead (excluding the prospect of new friends and the general thrill of a new city):

1. Taking recipes from my US favourite food blogs will be a whole lot easier as I'll have easy access to all the ingredients and stores they describe.

2. In-n-OutSephora and Banana Republic (in that order).

3. If I mess something up I get to say 'I'm new here' and I won't be lying.

4. Baristas at the office.

5. If I read about something in most blogs I like I could realistically at some point go to where they've been.

6. Stores that I like often have a petite sections - here's to never taking up a pair of pants again and 'cropped' actually meaning cropped.

7. A long weekend in New York is not out of the question.  Actually, seeing New York for the first time period!

8. More yoga loving, raw food, pseudo healthy options (organic Mexican anyone?) for the days when I decide that I'm on a vauge health kick, like today.

9. The number of online stores that will ship to me free multiplies tenfold.

10. Being able to nest a home all on my own in prep for C coming (maybe I will get a Taskrabbit to help me).  

Ok.  Back to paperwork mountain.


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