Sunday, September 23, 2012

Failsafe vegan gingerbread

Discovered this recipe via my brother, a once vegan with gingerbread cravings.  I have been known to fail at making a cup of instant coffee, so for me to say that I am yet to ruin a batch of these really proves them as failsafe.  As they store well they can be made in advance as a gift or in my case, for that baby shower you're going to on the weekend (yes, I know).
Over-index on the amount of flour you use to roll the dough out, and cover your hands with it too.
When they say 'chill for an hour in the fridge' they really mean that, it can't be replaced with 8 minutes in the freezer (so I found).
Look at all those little guys!  If they're super floppy and hard to transfer from your bench to the tray it's probably because you took that aforementioned shortcut when chilling the dough.  Come on admit it, don't blame the internet recipe.
Well hello there!  This one was a little cracked because I rolled the dough out thicker than it should've been - but again, I just left them to cool and the cracks just sort of melded together.  More importantly, it was no less delicious!

Other fun facts - molasses can be replaced with treacle, you can undercook them slightly for chewier gingerbread, or overcook them slightly if you want crunchy, and finally any time you lose the recipe, you can just google 'vegan gingerbread' and it's the first result.

Happy gingerbaking!


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