Monday, August 20, 2012


Or to not MBA?  That is the question.

A distracted sketch during a short course I did.
Relatively unhelpful articles on this crop up all the time.  I still stand by the fact that whether or not to take one up is a personal decision.  I for my own life am still navigated towards a 'no' but I had a funny conversation with a pretty senior guy at work about this the other day that I wanted to capture.

There I was at lunch, mulling over some relatively consuming doubts about whether or not I was more likely to hit a wall at le Goog without having done one.  This regional director took the seat across from me so I told him what was on my mind -

Him: You're forgetting that people do MBAs to get a great job that they love.  Do you have a great job that you love?
Me: Yes...
Him: Well, okay then.

Not advice for everyone, but the right advice for me right now.  Sometimes it just hinges on who happens to sit next to you over lunch.


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