Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday links

I actively crave the misschu vegan rice paper rolls to the point where I have sometimes planned my week around when I can eat them next.
Been a big week, what better way to end it than to troll the internet.

There's an equally hilarious part 2 to moving to San Francisco.  Hayes Valley was actually the first choice that I had in mind and this article cements my decision (obnoxious food-loving instagramer anyone?  I couldn't have described myself better).  Speaking of which, cannot get enough of these rich kids.  It's the hash tags that push me over the edge, my only misgiving is that it's not updated regularly enough #getonmylevel #wealth.

On the other end of the cultural scale, I loved this brilliant interview with Elizabeth Gilbert (still such a huge fan of that TED talk).  "I want to look out my window and see indefensible amounts of beauty".  So great.

With thoughts of moving cities, making new friends was on C's mind - this New Yorker article is one of the best I've read on something I think we all sometimes feel a little anxious about.  And on that, I love these five guys.

Hope your Sunday was good to you, and now to bed.


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