Saturday, June 30, 2012

A long drive around town

Yesterday I played tourist in Hyderabad -
Shoes off and no cameras or cell phones at Birla Mandir, a huge white marble hindu temple.  Was impressed that people gather here with their families each weekend and wait for an hour to see the deities.  Street food and lemonade followed.
This little kid was adorable but a such little hustler!  He sold toys on the street at the base of Charminar
Hyderabad's most iconic structure is surrounded by sprawling chaotic markets, largely selling pearls - what the city is famous for - and then everything in between (Giant toy aeroplane anyone?  What about a pile of used mens office shoes?)
The dome at the main gates of Golkonda Fort, a clap here can be heard all the way up in the top citadel - 'the first telephone system' my guide joked.  One clap for 'friend', two for 'enemy' and three for 'guest' - was so sweet that they clapped three times for me.
Sweet pearls of nourishment.  This was a basket propped up on the back of a bike - the original food truck!
There was some haggling for pashminas and meeting my driver's beautiful family (while we picked up his bike from the repair shop, of course) in there too.  Exhausted but worth it!


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