Thursday, June 28, 2012

Having it all

This article on whether or not women really can 'have it all' has been making the rounds recently.  I found it refreshingly sobering, as it unpacked the 'half truths we hold dear' ("it's possible if you're just committed enough", "it's possible if you sequence it right"), and pointed them out as exactly that - only half truths.
Life at the airport - certainly not one I could juggle if I had a family.
I think Slaughter herself best sums up the need for a dialogue around the ability to really have it all -

"If we didn’t start to learn how to integrate our personal, social, and professional lives, we were about five years away from morphing into the angry woman on the other side of a mahogany desk who questions her staff’s work ethic after standard 12-hour workdays, before heading home to eat moo shoo pork in her lonely apartment."

A long but necessary read, regardless of gender.


Unknown said...

Hear hear! I've been sending it around for all and sundry to read. We'll have to have a good long chat about it when you get back :)

Lorna Diwa said...

Knew you'd be all over it :) And yes, definite future brunch discussion material!

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