Monday, November 14, 2011

A (newish) kid in town

I've been dying to write about Jamie's Italian since I went a few weeks back - 1. Because I love discovering a new restaurant and 2. The truffle risotto still visits me in my dreams.

From the deliberately rustic setup (think long share platters perched on unopened tins of tomatoes) through to the casually British  sommelier ("you don't need to know everyfin' about wine luv, but you've chosen a good drop yeah"), Jamie's Italian is a well-oiled, delicious manifestation of the man himself.  Don't be put off by the no-reservations factor - they thoughtfully give you pager which you can wander around the block with and will vibrate when your table is ready.
The unassuming glass exterior
View from the top balcony where we were seated - to their credit they turn the tables efficiently without making you feel rushed at all.
The truffle risotto could not be simpler or more delicious.  Ugh I want to order it again just looking at it!
Grappa for two - note the 'Jamie' tea towels which serve as napkins or can be purchased at the door as souvenirs, if you're so inclined.
The affogato: my favourite way of having dessert and pretending I didn't (it's coffee, that you just happen to pour over ice-cream, ok?)
Full writeup will be on my sister blog once I actually pull the finger out and start writing on it again, in the meantime I just had to share the pictures - already planning my next visit!


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