Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great day in SF

Eating my comfort hot dog in Union Square will never get old.  Ever.

Piling up purchases at the end of a successful shopping day is always so satisfying.  Note that the bloated bag on the right is full of Isabel Marant purchases, borne of my aforementioned research.
Hot pretzel, saurkraut, sausage, bacon & oysters - I never knew all my favourite things could be all served together in appetisers alone.

Shots in the Mission are bigger than espressos!


Purplette (email said...

hi lorna!
hope you remember tita Jette, love the shots and now I have to look for manchego on walnut bread so I'll know what it taste like! Proves you are enjoying Sn Fo, when are you back home? come and visit Stanhope Gardens... I blog too. I'll send you my link. take care and God bless, tta J

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