Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oh hey, Asunción

Exploring this ol' town for a spell, some snaps from the hood:
Corner store - these are everywhere!  The fresh herbs are for making tereré, and the esky is for housing the ice cream, sandwiches and other treats they sell.
Wait, did you think that just because I'm in another country I would stop taking photos of bourgenvillas?  Of course not.  I passed this rogue, overflowing bundle on the way to lunch the other day.
Piles of fresh bread in the morning sun.  These self-serve bakeries typically have a minimum purchase weight for their breads which, as you can imagine, is both a blessing and a curse for a #yestocarbs lover like me. 
We found this little guy at the farm - not pictured are his five brothers and sisters who were all piled up on top of each other under a pile of timber.  It was like my baby animal Pinterest page IRL!
Even ambulances need their chipa.  Dangerously they are deliciously filled with cheese, and some of the best places have these chipa ladies working for them who will hustle up to your car and deliver them to you hot.
More later on some things I'm working on, but who doesn't like photos of puppies and carbs in the meantime?!  Overandout internet friends  x


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