Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nesting, Part 1

This weekend was my official move in to my new San Francisco home - so exciting!  Being the anal retentive project manager that I was, I scheduled three successive deliveries over 24 hours, mastered the public transport system to get a bus to MUJI (priorities) and went to the holiday party.  One thing I will say is that customer service here is really unrivaled - all of the deliveries came within the two-hour time slots I was given, and the movers el Goog organised even folded and put all my clothes away for me!  (They were also much taller than me and I now can't reach the shelves they put my own sweaters are on, but details, details).

A couple of sunny in-progress snaps:
Kitchen pieces arriving from Australia.  Bowls: check, baking tray: check, ceramic doughnut: check.
The coordination challenge that is building IKEA furniture.  I will have you note that there is a bed (a bed!) in the other room now - no more 'futon' (read = pile of folded blankets) for me.

And now to continue my degree in using an allen key.


Unknown said...

Hooray for a bed! Boo for allen key assembly!

I can't help but think real doughnuts would help with this situation - never mind the ceramic variety!

Chanel said...

I thought it was a real doughnut and got very distracted for awhile... Jealous of all the SUN! x

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