Thursday, July 26, 2012


Went offline for a week in Nepal, came back, spent forever not updating this and now here I am.  A slice of my trip -
Boudhanath, stumbled across this huge stupa wandering down the street from my hotel the day I flew in.  Being able to sit on its wide open white roof reminded me of how much I just missed space in India.
One of the more populated points on my trek along the Annapurna base, these little tea houses offer food and a bed making hiking long distances easier.
I shared this snack of 'green corn' with my guide - it's slightly unripened corn, freshly harvested and toasted on request. They threw away the husk before we had a chance to say we actually wanted them to go - so they gave us some torn up kids' exercise books (?) to wrap them up for the journey.
Loved this concrete game of table tennis - note the tile for a paddle.  Found these guys down a side street in Kathmandu.
Electric clouds as the summer sun took its time to set over dinner.  I had the 'grilled lake fish' which turned out to be fried fish with grilled cheese - no less delicious and I still choose to believe it was caught fresh from the lake.
Ah, to be sitting on the side of a narrow mountain road with no reception again.


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