Monday, December 5, 2011

Circling back

Sometimes the Internet runs you in a loop, or you're trolling the Internet and then it suddenly references a part of life to complete a circle of thought.

As you might expect, Eva is the colourful figure with a pen in her bun.
This happened to me tonight when, trolling around online I found this post on the High Line which was a space in New York that I'd only just heard of yesterday when the one of the architects themselves came and spoke at the INDEX Forum about it.  Let me be clear - I thought I was already doing pretty well to even know who diller scofido + renfro were, but I was probably the least purposeful attendee there.

To borrow from their site, the INDEX Forum was a 'conversation on the way that cultural events can change a city' - and I really enjoyed it!  The visiting panelists were definitely highlights, Eva Franch i Gilabert in particular stood out.  Amongst other things, she runs industry discussions over paella with the purpose of evoking conversation and ideas when the mind is distracted outside of its usual, default state of distractedness, Alfred Hitchcock-style.  It goes without saying that her input was the most refreshing of the circle.

Q. Does an event need a location?
Eva: "An event just needs context."

Also, the desire to visit New York is officially stronger than ever!  Might have to put that on my list for 2012.


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