Friday, June 8, 2012

Food, on a truck

Went to my first PechaKucha in a long time on Tuesday to see a friend, and to my delight it also afforded my first Sydney food truck experience!  Eat Art Truck was there to cater the event and boy was it delicious - smoky barbecued pulled pork buns, spicy crunchy noodles and fried chicken wings anyone?
The art portion of the truck.
Ordering food from a truck window is strangely novel and exciting.
They have a legit kitchen going on in there!  He fried up the wings fresh as my stomach made impatient noises.
Sticky fried chicken wing goodness.
Reaching up to collect our food from the whirring truck was a moment straight out of my last trip to the US, and oh it felt great knowing they are here to stay.

It's Friday!  It's a food truck!  Happy long weekend y'all - see if you can chase a food truck down yourself.


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