Thursday, January 19, 2012

New favourite farmer

Just discovered farmerbrown on the recommendation of an SF local - delicious soul food that sources its produce from local, african-american farmers.  A great excuse to get your fried chicken and cornbread on and (unlike a lot of other SF foodie must-eats) is only a short walk from Union Square, where you'll likely be basing yourself if it's your first time in the city or here for work.
I was tempted by the rainy day special of grandma's chicken and dumplings.
Cornbread and cocktails: the perfect pre-dinner combo.
Their famous fried chicken with sides of mac n' cheese and Southern sauteed greens - say yes!

Plus, I grabbed one of their business cards on the way out, which just so happened to be shaped like little waffles.  What's not to love about this place?


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