Monday, January 9, 2012

Immeasurable 'metrics'

It's rare that I find a bookmark-worthy article that contains 'you need to know' in the title, but came across this the other day and have not only been bookmarking but passing it on too - 'Five New Management Metrics You Need To Know'.

The article captures a lot of common principles that we're told to hold in life - remain curious, look to be positive rather than negative, always challenge yourself - and puts them into digestible 'metrics' to apply in the workplace (whether you're working solo or part of a bigger machine).
One of the more hilarious forms of giving feedback I've seen here - at least there's a good 'Positive Feedback Ratio' going on.
I especially like #2 - keeping your environment in the state between "boredom and anxiety - but closer to anxiety".  I know what it's like to be at that level of engagement with what you're doing, you feel productive, electric.  

Looking forward to many moments like that across all areas of my life this year!


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